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"Muito mais que uma arte marcial, Systema é um vasto universo que se estende além da defesa pessoal com inúmeros benefícios físicos e mentais. Sorte em poder aprender esta arte, dada de uma forma super profissional “friendly” e competente por Stefan Moncada."

Luís Lopes

"So grateful I found Systema and Stefan. He’s an amazing teacher with no ego who really, really cares about his students and helping them learn.

If you want to better be able to protect yourself and the people you care about I couldn’t recommend Systema and Stefan more highly."

Phil Williams

"Well equipped gym with highly professional and friendly instructor.
Stefan is knowledgeable and experienced:
A gem for development seekers."

Francesco Vitone

"Moncada Martial Arts is an excellent place to train , the instructor and students are friendly and help with learning this difficult style of Martial arts... if you live in or visiting Lisboa stop in and train you'll be happy you did"

Glenn Farnsworth

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