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« Система - A Human Martial Art, for Human (read Humane) beings.

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Two years ago, I was looking for a martial art that would keep my body (and psyche) in shape and at the same time, give me the skills to defend myself in a fight (should it happen). I’ve been in fights before, when I was younger, usually victim to some robber or a drunk guy looking for a fight, and though I always stand my ground, I have always been a “victim” and never (really) able to defend myself.


Another issue I found out, was… I was a bit afraid (or rather I didn’t like to) be sick (you will discover why this is important in the next lines).

One thing I dislike in some Martial Arts (… and Gym Guys) is the high level of testosterone and the “I’m so bad attitude”.

A quick search online for the top Martial Arts (Systema shows up at the bottom)…

First, I thought of trying out Boxing, but I realized that even though, it’s good for the body, exercise etc, this sport would bind me to rigid structures, stances and “rules” not applicable to everyday “street fights”.

Krav Magá, seems only geared towards destruction, without any option (mindset) to de-escalate the situation (couple with testosterone mindset. Strong, and effective but… something is missing).

Systema… fundamentals seem nice… it’s an effective Martial Art… Strong physic and psyche…  there is a school in Lisbon… ok I can go and have a look.

I arrived, talked with the teacher (Stefan Moncada) did a first class and had a great time.

I found (through Stefan and the other practitioners) a fighting system based on deep respect for the Human condition, both physical and psychological (spiritual sometimes). We train (and have the example from our teacher) to respect ourselves, our opponents, be strong, effective and adaptable. All things I like.

Reading books from Konstantin Komarov and Vladimir Vasiliev I understood (with pleasure) that cистема is much more than a fighting system. It’s a way of life.

Breathing - through breathing I found that I can stimulate and challenge my psyche and energize my immune system.

I found out I can do many breading exercises during normal, day-to-day life that improve my immune system and relax my body. Now I don’t care of being sick .

Such a simple thing we all take for granted, breathing, can affect us in so many beneficial ways. We can move, calm, agitate, prepare our bodies (and mind) using breathing.

Structure - always one of my “Achilles heel”, born without it, I always felt super hard to coordinate, be strong and effective, almost “not master of myself”. Structure is highly emphasized during our training sessions.

Movement - how easy it is to freeze up, stop, when we are afraid… we freeze both body and psyche, unable to find solutions, a way out. Move!

Sensitivity - (another favorite topic) how easy it is to be tough and take all the blows (until you cannot take it anymore…), how difficult it is to recognize and adapt to your own pain, frustrations etc (and your opponent’s too). Feel and empathize with your surroundings.

Timing - do the right thing at the right time. Do I need to say more…

Breathing, Structure, Movement, Sensitivity, Timmin… The cистема foundations.

In our school we have professionals that LOVE the Art and the way of life of cистема always eager and most importantly HAPPY to share their knowledge with people that want to learn the art of cистема.

I have always been attracted to the idea of doing just the right amount of work necessary to do the job and not more. No more energy/pain than what’s necessary.


Cистема. A Human Martial Art, for Human (read Humane) beings.


Thank you, Stefan, Francesco and João. »

Lisboa, Novembro de 2023,

Diogo Eira

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